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Training your Dog the Right Way-criteria

Order to be properly trained, have some basic commands that he is the master. These basic commands appear understanding is definitely a dog, the owner and the family is very.

Learning a few basic commands to create a dog accuracy per, which is about the joy.All have seen well educated and poorly trained dogs examples, and few opt poorly trained varieties. training the dog correctly the first time is all the more important of dog breeds, which has been kept their aggressiveness, such as pit bulls, Doberman pinchers and owners of the German shepherds.

In addition, the appropriate training, it is important that families with young children. Young children can torment of dogs and cause process of reactions, so it is important that the dog will learn how to deal with such situations.

Basic Obedience commands that every dog must know the "Heel", "Not", "Sit", "stay", "down" and "off" as the basis for These six commands. each basic Obedience class and it is very important that you don't use the dog master these basic commands appear. These are the same, and it is impossible to move onto the other commands, or you can fix this problem behaviour without having Mastered the basics.


Start the next largest basic command, the heel command.Education, heel dog is a fundamental first teaching a dog to walk correctly, a sculptural. place to walk the dog on your side or behind to forward devices.

If your dog begins to forge ahead, the lead tug gently, sculptural. This results in a training collar to tighten the back-end server and a dog with gentle reminder.If the dog begins behind him, gently prompt. Lure or toy dog, is a good tool that represents a day, seven days a week.

When the dog is consistently walking side, try to change their own pace and encouraging to meet his pace for your own dog. it should always be the dog that adapts his pace to you; you adjust should never your pace to meet the needs of the dog.

The word "no"

The word not is important for your dog to learn and one you may use the much as the training begins.It is important that the dog to learn to respond to the AIS "Is", without delay, and him obediently.

"Sit" command

Sit command is another important link is dog training command to sit in the chain. Teaching dog, using voice commands alone make up much of future training Pohjatyƶn, so it is important to manage this vital skill dog.

Sit command can be combined with heel command. such as walk alongside your dog, Stop abruptly. If your dog does not stop when a sculptural is similar to the dog, the powerful of them.Many dogs vaistomaisesti killed, when you do, while others need to be through the use of a sculptural and training collar reminder.

When a dog has finished by your side, invite him to sit on, by pushing gently, his leg.It is important not to use too much pressure or push him to remedy the sudden difficulties.This could be intimidated, or harm even dog. on the other hand, the pressure applied to the steady downward.Most dogs will recognize this sit command. it is important to say word of the sit, when you do this.

Repeat these steps for a few times will stop walking, sitting in your dog.After a few start playback on the dog probably own always when he stops to sit on. it is important to say the word sit in any case in such a way that the dog will learn eventually voice acting alone.


Sit command, such as the residence of the command is vital for building block more training. the institution of the place of stay, for example, the command is to come when called, dog training, which is in turn a sculptural work on or off.

The institution of the place of stay to do command extension sit command. Dog sit is, and at the same time, when he/she sits, back away slowly. where a dog starts to track you, he probably first of all, return to the dog and ask them to sit again. repeat the process until you have reached the end of the sculptural without connection to the dog to get the location of the session.

When the dog reliably is staying in, where you can specify, you might want to try a sculptural and will continue to Take away the dropping. dog likely to remain a reliable, if he has already implemented without becoming distracted for a while.

"Down" command

Down command is another important part of all of the basic Obedience training programme. teaching command lie down dog is much more than entertaining trick. Down command is very important to regaining control of the dog and the dog, who carries out the function of inappropriate behavior or stopping.

"Off" command

Off command is just as important as other commands, and forming the basis for the future education and training, in particular when training a dog, you can run the people, cars, bikes, cats, etc.

When training remains when the bike goes to the dog, for example, the owner of the stand in peace, a sculptural dog. where a dog starts to position against the owner of a sculptural, grant sharply to an "Off" command of the sculptural. eventually, the dog will learn voice command alone.

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