Thursday, September 23, 2010

Search in dog training collars to train hunting dogs? Try Innotek

Today we learn more about training dogs bird with the relatively new technology called electronic dog training collar. This collar have changed the way that working dogs dogs are trained especially hunting.

One of the largest values this collar, giving the coach is to increase the interaction between the coach and the dog.Allow one working remote training without a traditional line that increases the options a trainer has significantly in training or hound. Let us look at why this collar are as effective.

Electronic training systems consist of two parts: sender and receiver. The sender is usually in the hand-held device and is controlled by the trainers during the recipient in the dog's collar is worn.Correction of a dog at home, in the field hunt or during a show - by a signal from the coach station, a light volts of static shock of the dog by the collar sendet.Diese corrections are light and do not harm the dog but you distract the dog corrected bad behavior. This increases the pace of training quickly.

If you looking for an effective dog training collar, you need one that is not only safe but also reliable.Innotek is a household name when it electronic dog training Kragen.Innotek systems will serve your needs; can a backyard system for your property that allows you to train two or more dogs, or you can opt for a simpler for training at home.

Besides the high quality that is guaranteed components using top line Innotek offer products long-term resistance.Innotek's ultra smart training collar also offers a variety of options including 15 levels of stimulation, enable trained for several dogs and options for the use of sound and electronic reminders for your dog.

InnotekUltra smart training collar offer to train the best value for money through the IUT-300 Serie.Ideal for trainers, two dogs at a time will have to experience great results in field or show to training, where your dogs need a bit of a distance where are for up to 300 metres have been developed to work this collar with either sound or electronic stimulation.

The IUT300 offers one of the most versatile for these owners that the control both electronic and sound correction to a number of features that available don't fit into any other collar, including electronic self diagnosis, testing, battery power display, a built-in receiver and lithium-ion technology that in every other collar not found it. over, making the nine stimulation levels of this collar.

Extra long probes for long-haired dogs also available also lanyards are, try lights as instructional DVDs. innotek is obliged to ensure that you and your dog your products when optimal training.

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