Thursday, September 23, 2010

The reasons why you should carry out your Dog

Obedience training is one of the most important links dog. In fact, well trained dog must end with a dog! Why? In the absence of trained dog requires fewer restrictions. More reliable the dog, he has given more freedom.

For example, many stores and companies, of which normally do not allow dogs on their premises makes an exception to the puppy or dog to heel beautifully by the owner or his side will not sit down on the short-stay visa or residence without hesitation.And the company at the time of arrival at home is not necessary for the purposes of banish an another room on the fear that he is the King call forwarding käyttäytyvine dog. Furthermore, as the well-ill-mannered, kuuliaisuudesta trained dog are valued and welcome, he gets more attention and interaction between members of the family, the number of visitors and passers-by, than ill-ill-mannered dog.


The training aims to strengthen the bond between the dog and his owner. it is based on communication, understanding and mutual respect and subtly but effectively demonstrate your dog that you are the head of the Pack (commonly referred to as "alpha") architecture.And that the dog does not respect him as a Director, if both can be great difficulties, in particular in cases where he is a bit rowdy and the nature of a dominant position.


Dog Obedience training is also necessary to prevent the owner of several possible tragedies, such as voice control. should any delay in the dog ran out of his traffic intersection in the Centre of the fashionable congested, they can be safely throughout the street then listed to shall be adopted in accordance with the sit command, which facilitates entry into service of his collar Or someone accidentally leave. front door open, and your hold and dog he can safely be called you cancel command.

Obedience training helps your dog become reagoiva except, because it allows you to get your dog Obedience training direct behavior of the emergency control may save the dog's life, in the end, in fact, it can save lives, many dogs, because much less dogs end up in animal shelters where the owners would take the time to train them simply.

These dogs need homes, trained dog is much easier to carry out the same checks as unskilled one and a new home.

Statistics show that at the beginning of the puppies who receive socialization, obedience training and temperament (aggression prevention training) are likely to be much less lead intact they turn age than those who do not receive this early training for a period of three years.


Without appropriate training, many dogs are likely to misbehave. And when the owners permit their dog misbehave, all suffering from: owner, because he lives with the dog, dog, as all have not available to him, the owner of the neighbors dog misbehaving, since live next to the difficult dog is no one's idea of fun, and in the end of each dog owner, because each of the prevalence of where a dog create disturbance increases the anti-dog atmosphere and all the dogs on the strict limitations of incidence.


Trained dog is pleased to announce the official release, because he can go almost anywhere without the risk or harm to the other, on their own käyttäytyvine kuuliaisuudesta. And we all want a dog, which exhibits crowd, good manners, when we have guests our home is a true children around and that is a threat to other dogs or passers-by?

Dog Obedience training line is really, everyone benefits.

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